Frequently Asked Questions

What are private sessions like?
Sessions last about 60 to 90 minutes.  I start with a brief interview by asking you what areas of life you would like to heal.  Then we find the suppressed emotion and where you feel it in your body.  Next, you get into a comfortable position and prepare to relax.  You will have the choice of sitting in a lounge chair or lying on a healing table.  When you're comfy, I will gently guide you into a deeply relaxed state.  Once you are deeply relaxed, I will use one of my many techniques to help you release the suppressed emotion.

The process is deeply relaxing, safe and relatively effortless.  You will also remember everything because you will be highly aware the entire time.

How much are sessions?
$90 for single private sessions; $250 for 3 private sessions paid in advance.  Discounts are given for  cash or check.  Credit/debit card payements can be made through PayPal on my website.  I also offer regular classes and workshops for groups at a lower rate than private sessions.  See the events page.

How many sessions do I need to get better?
Everyone is different but for most people, the first session is an introduction to how your internal process works.  After three sessions, a breakthrough is not uncommon.  After six sessions, a permanent healing transformation is not rare.  After that, many clients return when when they feel the need.  Some come in for monthly tune ups.  Others include me as part of their life's journey.

How do I know if sessions work?
First and foremost is that suffering stops.  Your intended areas of healing improve.  Anxiety attacks go away, relationships mend, problems with money vanish, health recovers, awareness increases.  In short, you feel better.  Here are some specifics to look for after a session:

Your Condition Improves
Synchronisities and Coincidences Occur
Stress Decreases
Outlook on Life Improves
Confidence Increases
You Know What to Do
You Feel Like You're on Your Life Path
Increased Enthusiasm
Vivid Dreams
Improved Focus on Life Directions
Unresolved Situations Present Themselves for Healing
You Take Action to Improve Your Life

Can this type of work help me reduce stress?
Yes.  Meditation techniques can help you access the deeper parts of yourself that are filled with peace.  We all have it in us and can learn to go there with a little guidance and  practice.

Sometimes stress is the result of unresolved pain and anxiety from the past that re-creates itself in your daily life.  The work I do can help you release this type of stress permanently.

Can this type of work help me get off depression medication?
Highly Possible.  Unfortunately, western medicine prescribes depression medication too easily without recognizing the role the subconscious mind plays.  Very often, debilitating emotions that arise when someone needs depression medication can be effectively tempered through deep relaxation.

Can this type of work help me in my fight against cancer?
Yes.  In the treatment of cancer, suppressed emotion in the subconscious is commonly overlooked as a potential contributor to the disease.  I have worked extensively with cancer patients and have seen my work help in the following areas:

Fear and Stress Around Dealing with Cancer
Healing Significant Peripheral Issues Associated with Family
Improvement of Physical Health
Spiritual Growth and/or Awakening
Transitioning to the Afterlife

Can this type of work help me with my marriage?
Maybe.  It takes two to tango.  The people closest to us bring up the strongest suppressed emotions we carry inside.  When two people come together and recognize the other person is not causing their difficult emotions but are only a catalyst for triggering emotions that are already inside; then the road to healing and intimacy is truly possible.

Can this type of work help me lose weight?
Yes. When beginning a weight loss program, it's important to recognize weight loss is a long term commitment to a change in life style.  The three components to consider are 1) Healing emotions and staying positive 2) Diet and 3) Exercise.

My specialty is in helping you with the emotional and mental aspects of your program.  I can help you successfully release inhibiting emotional blocks from the past while helping you establish a positive mindset for your inevitable success.

Can this type of work help me grow spiritually?
Yes.  Once suppressed painful emotions are released from the subconscious mind, the same subconscious mind acts as a conduit for spiritual energy.  As healing occurs, the connection to your higher power develops naturally.  Then the connection to your God can be developed by focusing your awareness on that presence while in a deeply relaxed state.
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