For Individuals, Groups and Business Leaders

I offer private sessions and group classes to help people heal and grow, using modalities that include:

Guided Deep Relaxation
Sound Healing
Hands-on Healing
Clinical Hypnotherapy

My techniques are gentle and safe and the results are long lasting.

I have helped clients with:

*Cancer  *Fibromyalgia  *Physical Pain  *Depression  *Sexual and Physical Abuse
*Eating and Sleep Disorders  *Addictions  *Grief and Loss  *Death and Dying
*Stress  *PTSD  *Weight Loss  *Panic Attacks and Fear  *Relationships and Family
*Divorce  *Career and Finances  *Major Life Changes  *Athletics  *Life Purpose
*Past Life Interference  *Emotional Pain  *Forgiveness  *Healing the Past
*Spirituality  *Intuitive Growth  *Creating a Great Life
*Almost Anything!

Individual Private Sessions
In person or via phone/skype

Private Sessions, Package of 3
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My work in overcoming cancer with Joseph has broken down the fear factor in the whole expereince in dealing with cancer.
~  Bev, Artist
Joseph's gifts of healing are absolutely life changing...
~  Tamara, Director of Artistry in Motion

Mindfulness, Meditation and Healing
Permanent Results - Improving the Quality of Life

   I'm an expert at helping heal repeating patterns of stress, debilitating thoughts, and undermining emotions—by  calming the mind through deep states of relaxation.  I can also assist you in accessing your own energy, through activations, transmissions and downloads.

Contact me now for a free consultation:

(509) 227-9381