For Individuals and Groups

I offer private sessions and group classes to help people heal and grow, using modalities that include:

Guided Deep Relaxation
Sound Healing
Hands-on Healing
Clinical Hypnotherapy

My techniques are gentle and safe and the results are long lasting.

I have helped clients with:

*Cancer  *Fibromyalgia  *Physical Pain  *Depression  *Sexual and Physical Abuse
*Eating and Sleep Disorders  *Addictions  *Grief and Loss  *Death and Dying
*Stress  *PTSD  *Weight Loss  *Panic Attacks and Fear  *Relationships and Family
*Divorce  *Career and Finances  *Major Life Changes  *Athletics  *Life Purpose
*Past Life Interference  *Emotional Pain  *Forgiveness  *Healing the Past
*Spirituality  *Intuitive Growth  *Creating a Great Life
*Almost Anything!

Mindfulness Leadership Consulting for Businesses and Execs

Reducing Stress Increases Productivity

   For business and execs, I offer customized packages designed to increase productivity in the work place.   Mindfulness techniques can help management and staff:

Reduce Stress
Improve Work Related Relationships
Improve Clarity in Decision Making
Increase Creativity and Problem Solving
Reduce Distracting Mind Chatter
      Sharpen Focus and Vision
Increase Calmness
Increase Energy and Reduce Fatigue
and much, much more

      Rates negotiated on an individual basis.  Contact me for details.

For deeper insight into the widom and benefits of Mindfulness Leadership Consutling please read this article recently published by Forbes Magazine.
Individual Private Sessions
In person or via phone/skype

Private Sessions, Package of 3
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My work in overcoming cancer with Joseph has broken down the fear factor in the whole expereince in dealing with cancer.
~  Bev, Artist
Joseph's gifts of healing are absolutely life changing...
~  Tamara, Director of Artistry in Motion

Mindfulness, Meditation and Healing
Permanent Results - Improving the Quality of Life

   I'm an expert at helping heal repeating patterns of stress, debilitating thoughts, and undermining emotions—by  calming the mind through deep states of relaxation.  I can also assist you in accessing your own energy, through activations, transmissions and downloads.

Contact me now for a free consultation:

(509) 227-9381