A Golden Bell Studios Book
Come join Jason, the young explorer, who drifts down a river of wonder.  While floating along, he saves a crawdad who turns out to be an enchanted king.  In return for his kindness, the king opens the doors to Jason's magical inner world--a wonderful gift he will never forget!
Jason and the Crawdad King

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Your Illustrator - Lili Avakem

Lili Avakem is a Persian-born illustrator, raised and educated in Tehran, Iran.  With over 10 years of graphic design experience, she's learned to unleash her magic wand of color in every project she touches.  She hangs her hat in the City of Angels, California.

Signed, First Edition  Hardcover - $15.95
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Your Author - Joseph Drumheller

Joseph is a magical adventurer sailing with his companion, the Free Spirit of Creativity.  He lives in the hearts and minds of young explorers everywhere.

In his spare time, Joseph is a jack of many trades including award-winning author, exploration geologist, healer, musician, artist and whitewater paddler.